In today's economy It is hard to find a reliable repair shop for your vehicle. I am writing this report as a single Mom on a very limited income who has found this "reliable and trustworthy location." My car's temperature gauge started to read closer into the red as the summer months intensified and I knew I had to get it inspected. I stopped off at a local repair shop in Santa Clarita who did a brief inspection of my cooling system and advised me that my 2001 Honda Civic with 205k would need major cooling system repair. I cringed thinking this problem was one of my own design in that I procrastinated for so long to get it inspected. I thanked the Manager at this location for the free recommendation but informed him that his estimate of $950.21 was way out of my budget at this time. Discouraged, I vented my concerns to a friend of mine who offered me another option. She reported that she takes her car to A to Z Transmission and Automotive here locally in Canyon Country and has had great results. She further informed me that they are a AAA certified shop and are reliable, trustworthy, and accommodating. I decided to give them a try. I called A to Z and immediately was told to please bring my vehicle in for a free visual inspection. Still a little apprehensive, I went in and was greeted by the Manager Richard who was very courteous and reassuring. He had my vehicle inspected and offered me several options. Several options, this was wonderful! I now had options in repairing my vehicle! Richard reported that the technician had verified some of the recommendations of the other shop but the main reason for my temperature gauge reading high was the result of a bad "coolant temp sensor" and he could replace it for $75.14. I was astounded. I respect the other shop for their assessment of my problem but I now distrust them for not telling me the real cause of my problem. For the consumer, this brings confusion and worse a sense of distrust. Being a woman who knows little about cars other than to pay the insurance bill and gas the thing, I really felt I finally found a trustworthy and honest repair facility. I had my car repaired at A to Z and the temperature gauge now reads as it should. Richard and I have made a plan to correct the other needed cooling system needs as the budget permits but my main concern was fixed without getting the feeling of being "ripped off." I commend A to Z and I can see just how they got their AAA certification for this is no easy task. As I found out for a shop to be AAA certified, they have to be the best of the best, and go the extra mile for the customer without compromise. A to Z Transmission and Automotive did just that for me. For any of you who may have had similar distrustful experiences with other shops or "your Mechanic," give A to Z a try, you will be impressed and satisfied with their services and pricing.


Woohoo as good as it gets I had my 2004 Lexus at the dealer last week I called Richard at A to Z and he told me he needed to check it to see what was wrong I told him the dealer said it needed to be replaced Richard told me let us check it out I was Leary but I didn't have $4500.00 to replace the transmission so I took it to Richard at A to Z he told me it was $75.00 to check it but if I had the repairs done there it was free so I told him go ahead the next day a guy name Don called me and said it would be done by the end of the day and the cost was $345.00 plus tax, Don said it had a electrical problem I was the happiest person in the whole world thank you so much Richard and Don you guys are great. Sorry I'm not the best writer but I had to let people know about this place they are great.


I needed an oil change and my radiator needed to be checked out because of a coolant smell in the car. I figured I had a small leak or just needed a radiator flush and called and received quotes from several dealerships including a friend's shop. Surprisingly, the call to A to Z and resulted in a quote that was significantly less. I drove down and had Rich, the shop manager inspect the car and he suggested a radiator flush and informed me that it would take a little over an hour. He also took the time to explain the differences in coolants which I knew nothing about. I had no ride so I ended up waiting in their lobby. To my surprise, they finished the job in 40 minutes and there were plenty of other cars there. Rich simply indicated that since I was waiting, they decided to get mine done right away. Wow. What service and their price was way less than what was quoted. I seriously saved over $50 here.

Thank you Tony I wish I had more customers like you that appreciate our great service and good work.

- Power Automotive

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