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The fluid in an automatic transmission has many important jobs to perform. All of these depend on the fluid being clean and in good condition. Fluid should be changed at the regular time and mileage interval specified in the owner's manual.

Nearly nine out of ten transmission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination, according to the Automatic Transmission Rebuilds Association. Just like the oil in a cars engine, automatic transmission fluid {ATF) suffers from heat, friction, oxidation and electrochemical degradation. Once this process starts, a transmission's vital parts begin to clog with sludge and varnish deposits.

Unlike a car's engine where all the old can be drained out, most of the transmission fluid doesn't drain into the transmission pan. Instead it stays in the torque converter, valve body and transmission cooler lines making a complete fluid drain impossible. In fact, the typical transmission service only replaces 25% of the contaminated fluid, leaving behind 75% contaminated fluid to mix with the new ATF.

According to automatic transmission fluid manufacturers, the addition of new fluid to contaminated fluid can actually cause sludge and varnish deposits to clog filters and restrict the flow of transmission fluid. This can result in a serious malfunction, or even complete failure of an automatic transmission.

Now there is an option. The Ranger RT-15X transmission fluid flush machine provides you with the latest service procedure that safely removes varnish and sludge deposits and cleans all internal transmission components, including the transmission cooler valve body and torque converter. This service is also the best way to remove wear metals that are slowly grinding away on your transmission's internal components along with most of the old, contaminated ATF. The transmission is thoroughly cleaned and protected with fresh ATF and conditioners that revitalize the seals and 0-rings in the transmission.

If a cars transmission is showing any signs of contaminated transmission fluid slippage, rough or hard shifting this service is the first thing you should try before it becomes necessary to perform major repair work or even the need for a transmission.



Every year, all across the U.S., more than 13-million automatic transmissions fail! Most of these expensive failures could have been prevented if more people had known these simple facts:


The primary cause of transmission failure is oxidized ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid). Oxidation causes the fluid to break down and lose its protective qualities.


Heat is the major cause of ATF oxidation. With today's smaller, faster-running engines and increased stop-and-go driving, ATF is exposed to higher temperatures. That causes the ATF to breakdown faster.


No one can predict exactly when the oxidation process will cause ATF to fail completely. There is no way to test. When ATF failure occurs, it happens quickly! Transmission failure isn't far behind.


You can feel the effects of oxidized fluid long before your vehicle-owner's manual tells you to change it: There's an annoying sluggishness when the transmission shifts gears.


Regular ATF changes are as important to your vehicle's life as regular engine-oil changes. A good rule of thumb: Have your ATF changed once for every three engine-oil changes.


Traditional ATF changes remove only about 30% of the oxidized ATF. That leaves 70% of the bad fluid still in your transmission system. You can see it's still there, too - by checking the transmission dipstick.


Using the Ranger RT-15X is a new revolutionary method of changing ATF that makes the whole operation faster, easier, and - best of all - much more thorough.


It's the only ATF full-service machine that gives you your money's worth; the only ATF full-service machine that exchanges virtually 100% of your transmission's bad fluid. By making fluid changes a regular part of a vehicle's maintenance, you'll definitely help EXTEND THE LIFE OF THE TRANSMISSION.


Power Cord Length:

Air Requirement:

Suction Fill Hose Length:

Evacuation Hose Length:

IN-Service Hose Length:

OUT-Service Hose Length:

Pressure Gauge:

Dual Motors / 110VAC /60HZ

110" /2794 mm.

125-175 PSI/10-15 CFM

60" I 1524 mm.

60" I 1524 mm.

70" I 1524 mm.

70" I 1524 mm.

140 PSI

Backlight Lamp:

New Fluid Tank Capacity:

Used Fluid Tank Capacity:




Shipping Weight:

60 Watt Bulb

20 Qts. I 19 liters

20 Qts. I 19 liters

25"/635 mm.

22" / 559 mm.

43" I 1092 mm.

290 lbs. I 132kg

* Courtesy of Ranger Products

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